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Meratix is more than a web design firm. It's a philosophy. We believe that a 100% customized & well designed website is as good as a front door to your business because it gives your potential customers the feel of actually being there with you. You've poured your heart & soul into creating a business that you can be proud of & Meratix will mirror that same passion in the website we design for you. But then we'll take it one step further develop an online marketing strategy for you to increase sales & opportunities. After all what good is a front door if people don't walk through it. That's the Meratix philosophy & what separates us from the "big" web designers who will give you a template & a few stock photos. 

About the Designer

Jarrod McDaniel is the Chief Designer & has over five years experience in web design & marketing as well as additional experience in Photography, Ad Writing, Videography, Graphic Design, & Social Marketing. His passion for web design has already changed the nature of how many in the area look at the web & his experience is continuously evolving to provide you better & cheaper solutions to your web needs. He takes great pride in customizing your website from the ground up, but takes more pleasure in getting to know you & your business. Contact Meratix today. We're convinced that after one conversation you'll see the web in a completely new way.

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"Gorgeous, Amazing, Functional Web Design is my passion, my ministry, & my spiritual act of worship. I love how websites give me the freedom to tell an interactive & unique story for my clients. I also vibe on the challenge the internet brings because its constantly changing."

"Good enough is never good enough."

Ever heard the phrase "good enough is never good enough."? Web design is kind of like that. The moment you're satisfied with the look and feel of your website is the moment your web strategy has failed. The fact of the matter is that the web is a constantly evolving, living, breathing entity that requires constant thought and consideration. In other words, it's never good enough. That's the philosophy I had in sports, writing, and now web design, & it's the same philosophy I'll take when building & mantaining your website. My goal is to always stay one step ahead of your competition whether it's using an advanced SEO algorithm to bring more customers to your place of business, or simply redesigning your website from the ground up to make sure that it's mobile enabled so that you can connect with customers on the go. When it comes to the web going the extra mile isn't far enough because there's always something better ten miles down the road. That's the Meratix promise. You'll be satisfied long before we will. 










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